Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm getting that spring itch. My fingers are itching to dig in the dirt. It's too early, I know, but the urge is still there. Most of the snow we received during last week's blizzard is gone, with only the deeper drifts remaining. Planning is the most fun. I look back at last year's garden harvest and try to adjust my plot sizes accordingly. Gardening, both flower and vegetable, is something I truly enjoy. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that the time investment is so productive. In a couple of weeks, I'll break out the tiller, grab my hoe, rake and seeds and production will begin. Our climate is dry, so watering is a big factor. It would be too easy just to have rain weekly. I also know, from the get-go, that there will be too much produce for me to handle. Sharing is caring. There is the old joke that about the first of August, even the people at church start locking their car doors, to prevent zucchini from being put in the back seats. My favorite thing to do is leave my extra, no matter what the vegetable, in the foyer of the church, so that anyone that wants or needs it can take it. This works quite well, as there are several of us that garden, and the vegetables vary from week to week. Every year, I also put in one new fruit. This year that will be blackberries. There are some good specials in the seed catalogs for bareroot plants. I would encourage you to plant some vegetables, even if you do not think you have a green thumb. They can be put anywhere. I have grown vegetables in pots on the patio and poked them in my flower beds. You do not have to have a full scale garden to reap the benefits of fresh vegetables. Just a little time and patience.

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