Wednesday, April 29, 2009

These are the best days of my life! I am going to have a positive attitude and not let anyone tell me any different. I have gone through many trials in my life(too many to mention) and the last one was one of the most difficult. My oldest son was in an auto accident last June. He had severe head trauma, a broken jaw, broken eye socket, broken cheekbone, cracks at the base of the skull, nerve damage to the right arm, a dislocated knee and multiple lacerations. But he lived! He is only 22 years old, and was not finished with his life yet! The fixing of his problems is too long to mention. It has taken 10 months to get him from the previous state to a functioning level today. He has permanent brain damage, but has overcome a lot of his problems. I was at the hospital, about 500 miles from home, for a month before I left to come home. Being away for that long gave me a new appreciation for my family and home. One of the things I remember the most is my husband being so calm during the entire ordeal. To him being faithful was leaving our son's life in God's hands. We got him to where he needed to be and he was being cared for by trained people. There was no more that we could do for him at that point but pray. We were bombarded with concerned phone calls. All we asked of everyone was for prayer and to add him to their prayer lists at their churches. He was on prayer lists in six states. We are not done yet. There is physical and cognitive therapy, numerous doctors, medications, insurance companies, etc. But the worst is over.

One of my other sons, 15 years old, has a favorite song by Rodney Atkins. It has a great chorus. "If you're going through Hell keep on going, don't slow down, if you're scared don't show it, you might get out before the Devil even knows you're there. If you're going through Hell, face that fire, walk right through it, you might get out before the Devil even knows you're there."

I firmly believe that being strong emotionally was the way we made it. Tight reigns on thoughts and tongue had to be kept. There was no time to fall apart and have a pity party. It would not have helped anyway. That does not mean that there were no tears. We just kept thinking positively and dealt with everything as it came. It was not fun or easy, but I guess there was no guarantee that it would be. I realize that life can be difficult. I also realize that there are people out there with worse problems than I have. The difficulty is being thankful always, no matter your situation.

These are the best days of my life, I may not realize it yet!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is Monday, again. I got up this morning pushing everyone as hard as I could push. It seemed to me that no matter how hard I pushed, nothing more was getting done. My husband finally told me, "Quit pushing, it will get done." When I quit pushing, things went smoother. I guess the more I pushed, the more resistance I was getting. He was right, everything got done and everyone got to where they needed to go. My whole family was happier. That is my lesson learned for today.

My thought for today comes from an unknown author. I watched a TV program last week that dealt with this same theme.

"He who says 'tomorrow I will do my best' has already wasted another day."

That quote spoke to me. I will quit saving my best days. I can do my best every day. I think I am going to try this and see how much difference I can make in the lives of the people around me by doing my best every day. I have to live every day anyway, why not make it one of my best days. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a "Best Day"!