Thursday, May 21, 2009

A miracle occurred

I just wanted to explain why I haven't been posting since April 29. I can't believe it's been that long. My last post was about having a positive attitude. I also spoke about my son's accident last year. While I thought I had been through it all, I was wrong. My husband came down with a flu bug. You know the kind, coughing, congestion, aches and pains. He was sick for two weeks and went to the doctor. He was treated for a bacterial infection in his sinuses. A week later he was still having a hard time breathing. I came home one afternoon to find him still in bed and he was confused. I called his doctor, thinking is was the medication. They sent a lab person to our house. When they tested his blood, his CO2 level was very high. He needed to be in the hospital. We took him to the hospital. After one night, his level had dropped, but gone back up again. They transferred him to a larger hospital 110 miles away. He was taken straight to the ICU. On the 3rd day there, the doctors were preparing us for the worst. His lungs were failing, causing his heart to overwork and fail. He was hallucinating and had several bad days. On day 7 he started getting better. On day 8 he was moved to a regular room. We were on our way home on day 14.

I do believe a miracle occurred. On the sixth day in the ICU, he told me that a man had come in and talked to him about God. He told the man that he had been raised and raised his family in the Church, but admitted that he had not gone as often lately as he should have. He strived his whole life to be honest and truthful. He believed that he was ready to go to Heaven. The man told him that it was not his time, that God was not finished with him yet. At the time, I thought it must be another hallucination. I had been in the room most of the time, only leaving when the nurses made me and at night. How had I missed this man? Then, the following day, he started getting better, quickly. He gained ground so fast, the doctors were astonished. They came to a decision after two weeks to send him home. They could do nothing more for him there. Who was the visitor in the hospital? I do not know. I did not see him, but I believe he was there.

I will continue my positive attitude. I will strive to be excellent everyday. I will continue to have the best days of my life.

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